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This was true for each of two major families of justice claims—claims for socioeconomic redistribution and claims for legal or cultural recognition.

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At a time when the Bretton Woods system facilitated Keynesian economic steering at the national level, claims for redistribution usually focused on economic inequities within territorial states. Appealing to national public opinion for a fair share of the national pie, claimants sought intervention by national states in national economies. Appealing to the national conscience for an end to nationally institutionalized disrespect, claimants pressed national governments to outlaw discrimination and accommodate differences among citizens. In both cases, the Keynesian-Westphalian frame was taken for granted.

Whether the matter concerned redistribution or recognition, class differentials or status hierarchies, it went without saying that the unit within which justice applied was the modern territorial state. To be sure, there were always exceptions. Occasionally, famines and genocides galvanized public opinion across borders. And some cosmopolitans and anti-imperialists sought to promulgate globalist views.

The effect was to reinforce, rather than to challenge, the Keynesian-Westphalian frame.

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That framing of disputes about justice generally prevailed by default from the end of the Second World War to the s. Although it went unnoticed at the time, this framework lent a distinctive shape to arguments about social justice.

Taking for granted the modern territorial state as the appropriate unit, and its citizens as the pertinent subjects, such arguments turned on what precisely those citizens owed one another. In the eyes of some, it sufficed that citizens be formally equal before the law; for others, equality of opportunity was also required; for still others, justice demanded that all citizens gain access to the resources and respect they needed in order to be able to participate on a par with others, as full members of the political community.

Decent Peace in John Rawls' The Law of Peoples

The argument focused, in other words, on exactly what should count as a just ordering of social relations within a society. Copy to clipboard. Request Permissions View permissions information for this article. Order vs. Article information. Article Information Volume: 19 issue: 3, page s : Hedley Bull Australian National University. First Page. Sign Out.

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Introducing Global Justice in International Relations Theory

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